Preparing Your Items To Sell

Author: George   Date Posted:20 September 2022 


Cashaway Pawnshops are a great resource to turn to when you need the cash and don't have a better option. Some things must be done to ensure you and the items you bring are taken care of. In this article, we'll explore preparing your items for sale in a pawnshop, so you get top dollar and don't waste your time.

1. Know your items and their sell value

First things first, before you check Cashaway, make sure you know how much it will cost to get your item back. The item's value depends on how old it is, its condition, how much wear and tear, etc.

2. Keep your things in good condition

It's not just about how well the item is made and looks. It also depends on its condition of it. It may be old, but not in mint condition, still be valuable and worth a lot. A great way to get top dollar is by cleaning the item up, polishing it, or cleaning it by a professional before selling it at a pawnshop.

3. Take photographs of your items

You can take photos of your items and have them professionally done. In doing so, you ensure the item is in good condition, and its state will reflect its sell value. Professional photographs will help you get top dollar for the personal stuff that you are selling. The photos should show the item from all angles and be in focus. If possible, take a close-up of any identifying marks, such as the logo.

4. Be specific about where the item came from

The best way to do this is to have your receipts and proof that you own the items. If not, at least be specific about where you got it from and how long you've had it. Most second-hand items may be sold as a whole, but if there are parts that have been separately obtained, bring them in to show the pawnshop you bought the part and not the entire item.

5. Write Descriptions of the product

It is also a good idea to describe the item, so the pawnshop staff will know what they're selling. Include anything you know about the item and how it was used. The better you describe the item, the more likely you will get top dollar for it. You can include the size, the brand, how old it is, and the condition. You can also attach close-up photos if you have them.


By preparing your items to sell in a pawnshop before you go, you can ensure that you get top dollar for all of your antiques and treasures. You will also have time to research alternatives, so don't waste it. When you sell items at a pawn shop, you know they will be taken care of and sold at a price you can live with. Make sure you know what you're selling, write down a description, and include photos if you can.

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