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At Cash A Way, we work with Tattoo Planet as our specialized tattoo supply arm to offer exclusive and Premium Tattoo Supplies. From Tattoo Ink to fully equipped Kits and Accessories, we supply Professional & Quality Tattoo Shop essentials!


Looking for professional and high-quality tattoo equipment? You’ve come to the right place! Our specialised tattoo supply arm- Tattoo Planet have been online and in business since 2004 providing you with Premium Tattoo Supplies from exclusive brands like SPARK and BLACKBIRD. We supply the Professional Tattoo Shop to the upcoming Apprentice Tattoo Artist with Quality tattoo disposables.

  • Exclusive Australian Distributers of SPARK and BLACKBIRD brands
  • Blackbird Premium Tattoo Needles and Spark Premium Cartridge Tattoo Needles and world class inks
  • High Quality Tattoo Kits and Accessories