Best Place to Buy and Sell Used Instruments

Author: Anna   Date Posted:14 February 2022 

Do you have a spare instrument lying around at home? Or perhaps you're in need of some extra cash? Or maybe you're considering a music upgrade but don't know where to sell your instrument. If thats the case, look no further. Heres a list of places that would love to purchase your old instrument:

Music Schools

Don't hesitate to stop by your local music school for a quick visit with your instrument. Music schools often purchase slightly damaged or used instruments from pawn shops like Cashaway before repairing and reselling them. They may not give you the best price, but they're worth considering if you need to make a quick sale and you have a nearby music school.

Instrument Shops

Though most instrument shops deal in brand new products, some appreciate secondhand ones, too. Again, bargaining at instrument shops is challenging, and you may not get a high price. However, instrument shops may pick up your product much faster than someone browsing products online would. So, if you urgently need money, try visiting your local instrument salesperson.

Pawn Shops

Given your instrument is in good condition, most pawn shops like Cashaway will accept them in a heartbeat! You'll likely get a great price, too, especially if you're selling an antique or vintage instrument.

With the money you get from selling your instrument you can buy something great from the pawn shop! Stores like Cashaway have great deals on Rolex watches and gold jewellery. So, if you're looking for a surefire way to sell your product instantly, consider visiting a nearby pawn shop.

Online Markets

Popular places to sell music instruments online include e-Bay and Facebook Marketplace. You can select the product category when uploading your listing. Once confirmed, your instrument will be displayed online alongside other similar pieces.


Listing your instrument for sale online allows you to reach a wide audience. People from across the country (or the world!) will be viewing your product. This increases your chances of successfully securing a sale.


You can find a lot of other things on online markets too, like diamond rings. However, online marketplaces are always a risky place to sell too. You’ll need to arrange for shipping costs and it can take time. That’s why pawn shops like Cashaway are a better option. You can sell your instrument quickly and buy other things like diamond rings and gold jewellery as well.




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