How to get a fast cash loan when you have a poor credit rating

Author: admin   Date Posted:24 June 2018 

There are all sorts of circumstances that can arise to put you in a position where you need cash in a hurry. Your budget is already stretched and then something unexpected happens. You need a cash loan just to tide you over until your next pay day?

What are the available loan options?

If you only need a small amount and you know you will be able to pay it back quickly, a personal loan from a bank or other lender is probably not the most viable option.
Many lenders will not consider approving a credit card or personal loan application if the amount you need is small or if your sole income source is from Centrelink. Plus if you have any blemishes on your credit history you’re probably wasting your time filling in the mountain of paperwork they require.

Why is a Pawn Broker different?

To secure a Cash a Way cash loan to get you out of your bind, all you need is 100 points of I.D. and any of your valuables.
We’re not concerned about where your income comes from, nor are we concerned about your credit history. We won’t make you jump through hoops to get your cash.

How does it work?

Staff at Cash a Way will value your items and offer you a cash loan on the spot. We can buy items outright, or you can pawn them, which simply means we’ll keep your valuables secure until you are able to pay out your loan and collect them back. We make it easy, discreet and fast.
If you find that you are unable to pay back your loan, we’ll simply sell the item to recover our costs. This will not result in you getting a black mark or bad credit rating on your credit file.

What sort of items can be pawned to get quick cash?
You can use jewellery, gold, diamonds, or pretty much any second-hand items of value as collateral for a fast loan.
Where can you find us?
We have pawn shops at St Mary’s, Penrith and Mount Druitt, Blacktown or Paramatta.

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