Checklist to simplify your life and save

Author: admin   Date Posted:10 May 2018 

Is your living space feeling a little cluttered? Take a look through your kitchen or bathroom cupboards and we guarantee you will find appliances and gadgets that you just don't need or use anymore.

The process of simplifying your household can make you feel better and save you hundreds of dollars at the same time. If there is something you haven't used in the last year, chances are you just don't need it anymore. This checklist is a great tool to use when working out what to pawn and what to keep.

1. Prepare your house

Grab a few boxes and prepare to be ruthless. Have a 'sell' box and a 'maybe' box. That way if you aren't sure about selling an item, you can decide once you've finished. But remember, if you don't use it often, do you really need it?

2. Start with one room at a time

In the bedroom, go through your side drawers and wardrobes to see if there are any good quality second-hand items you no longer need or use. Think clothing, shoes, and jewellery. In the kitchen, are there any appliances you don't use anymore? The bathroom, office or garage may also be great places to de-clutter and make money in the process.

3. Do it at the start of a season

Is winter over? Why not sell that quality jacket you purchased? Not riding your bike anymore now the weather has changed? Sell it now and get fast cash. You can always buy a newer version next year.

4. Buy back

You can always trade your old items for something that will improve your life from Cash A Way. Maybe you can sell your five different kitchen gadgets for one complete all-in-one gadget that does the same thing. The beauty of Cash A Way is that you can peruse items in store or online and decide whether there is an upgraded item you would like.

Cash A Way Pawnbrokers can help you simplify and save. Sell your quality second-hand items, clear out the unwanted clutter and enjoy a simpler way of living. Contact Cash A Way today, or visit us online, for good-quality customer service.

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